Quick start tutorial: Overview of the platform functionalities


Welcome to the documentation page of ColdStream. This webpage explains in detail all available features of our software. This documentation page follows the same structure as you can find in ColdStream. When logging into the software using your favorite browser, you will see different tabs on the top left. When you have a question about a feature or functionality, quickly have a look at which tab you have selected and move to the same tab on the documentation page. For your convenience, you can find a short summary of all the tabs below:

  1. Project: this is the main working space of ColdStream. Here you can define all your engineering problems, upload your geometry files, and look/download the results.
  2. Libraries: this tab stores all your materials, fans, and pumps as well as your manufacturing machines.
  3. Utilities: this tab contains a few useful tools to make your life a little bit easier
  4. Data overview: as an admin, you can get an overview of all your data
  5. Dashboard: this tab provides admins with a summary of all activity on the account

The remaining chapters of the documentation page are more general:

  1. Account management: this chapter delves deeper into how to change user roles, reset passwords, etc.
  2. Tutorials: as the name implies this page contains a few tutorial videos
  3. FAQ: this page contains some frequently asked questions